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Privacy Statement

AllStates Consulting Services is a member of the Magic Software Company and operates a global candidate database which has the advantage of enabling your resume / CV to be considered against a wide range of job opportunities worldwide. Therefore, your candidate record may be transferred to companies globally within Allstates and Magic, including countries where Data Protection laws may differ from those applicable in your home country.

By submitting your resume for this position you agree for your details to be considered for employment opportunities by Allstates, its business clients, and any of the KBR group of companies worldwide, incorporating all affiliated and joint venture entities.

The group provides appropriate measures to ensure the security of employee and candidate data. This data will only be used for the purposes for which it was collected, and this will only be accessible to relevant employees within the group who have a necessary and legitimate business purpose.In the event you are unsuccessful for the position applied for, or we have no suitable current positions matching your requirements, we will retain your details on file for a reasonable time period for consideration against future vacancies, if not otherwise notified by you.

If you do not agree with any of these privacy statements outlined above, please do not submit your resume.


I agree that, in return for and as a condition of having my resume considered by AllStates Consulting Services, certain disputes that may arise between me and Allstates related to my application (including any decision not to employ me) or my employment (if I am hired) shall be subject to the Magic Dispute Resolution Program (''DRP''). I understand that the DRP requires that certain disputes that are not resolved by voluntary agreement must be submitted to arbitration for final determination and that I am waiving my right to bring a lawsuit and to a jury trial with regard to certain disputes. I understand that I may receive printed materials describing the DRP in detail by requesting them from the Magic Human Resource Department.

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